how to sleep better?

how to sleep better?

Hello there friends!

Happy New Year 2022!

This year, my resolution is to be a better version of myself. But where to begin? I love to sleep! So I guess I'll start there!

Now, how to sleep better?

There are SO many tips over the internet! But one that comes back often is to lower blue light exposure before bedtime.

Why? Well, as it turns out, artificial blue light tricks the body into thinking it’s daytime. Therefore the circadian rhythm is off and the body don't "sleep" right away.

And you know what? Digital screens such as telephones and computer monitors happen to emit lots of blue light.

An alternative to turn them all off completely is to wear GUNNAR blue light glasses!

As of this moment, I'll be making sure that I have my Gunnar glasses on when I start my evening routine!

Et voila! Two weeks into the new year and I'm nailing it.

What is your resolution for 2022? 😎

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