closing out Summer 2022 with something to Marvel at

closing out Summer 2022 with something to Marvel at

When you were a kid did you ever dream about being a superhero? You must’ve imagined of a scenario where you save your high school crush from some sort of threat or danger, right? You ever see a crime and instead of calling the cops, you put on a skintight bodysuit made of Spandex and pursue the perp with the intent to harm? If so, you might need to talk this over with someone... 

OR you then need to hear about the new collaboration between Marvel and GUNNAR! Yes, Marvel has teamed up with GUNNAR and have already released a special collection of Marvel themed glasses! The highlight of the Summer 2022 collection are the iconic E.D.I.T.H. glasses which Tony Stark gives to Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Far From Home.


E.D.I.T.H. glasses with Amber GBLF 65 lens

Check out the promo video here:


Available with or without prescription, these in-universe glasses can also be customized with Clear GBLF 35, Amber GBLF 65, or Sun GBLF 90 lenses. These frames also come with a 'Stark Industries' branded case but will not come equipped with a virtual assistant nor grant you access to a high performance satellite network to violate other people’s privacy as seen in the movies. 

Marvel x GUNNAR have also designed a set of Spider-Man and Black Panther themed glasses, as part of this summer's collection. What more of an appropriate way to protect yourself from digital eye strain (which would otherwise be caused by binge-watching Marvel films/TV shows), than by wearing Marvel themed blue light glasses?  

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