when NOT to wear blue light glasses?

when NOT to wear blue light glasses?

Hello there friends!

Not many retailers out there will tell you this. But I will!

Blue light glasses should only be worn in the evening.

Quick recap. In the evening? It's so that you can eventually sleep better at night. The idea is to outsmart that insidious blue light that's tricking your body into thinking it's daytime. So by wearing your blue light glasses in the evening, you're good to sleep.

Now, what about during the day?

This is WHAT not many retailers is not telling you!

So during daytime, it doesn't help a bit either by having your circadian rhythm constantly on night mode.

As a matter of fact, you need to increase bright light exposure during the day. Not only will bright light or even better natural sunlight help you stay awake, it'll improve your overall energy and most importantly your sleep quality at night!

Here's the cheat sheet in case you're still figuring it out.

When you begin your evening routine, wear GUNNAR blue light glasses.

The rest of the day, you can wear your regular GUNNAR computer glasses!

Don't forget. It's the combination of the two that'll lead to a better night’s sleep.

To get optimal health and well-being, you need to make sleep a top priority! You spend close to one-third of your life sleeping!

What are your tricks to sleeping better at night? 😎
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