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  • vision benefits for everyone

    Employees expect vision plans to be included in their benefits packages. But some can’t take advantage since they don't need prescription glasses. Traditional vision insurance plans don't cover GUNNAR blue light glasses.

  • employee appreciation

    Employees stay when they are cared about beyond the work they do. Offering GUNNAR blue light glasses, as part of an overall wellness program, demonstrates appreciation and conveys that their health and quality of life matter.

  • productivity improvement

    Employees feel the symptoms of digital eye strain and the effects of blue light: headaches, fatigue, dry eyes and blurry vision. GUNNAR blue light glasses will alleviate all that and improve clarity, focus, performance and productivity.

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sleep better

Whether your employees are returning to the office, going hybrid or staying remote, one thing for certain is that they're simply spending more time on digital devices.

This will ultimately result in developing computer vision syndrome (CVS).

Moreover, these same digital devices constantly emit harmful artificial blue light that disrupts melatonin production and the circadian rhythm, the body’s natural sleep cycle.

With GUNNAR blue light glasses, not only will your employees sleep better, you'll sleep better too, knowing that you're taking good care of their general health.

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We can help you out. Every company is under pressure to perform at higher levels while reducing costs.

That's why we offer various ordering and payment options.

Computer-related vision problems have a huge impact on employee productivity.

With GUNNAR blue light glasses, you'll improve visual ergonomics by reducing symptoms of CVS, digital eye strain and the effects of artificial blue light.

Lastly but most importantly, we strive to provide the best blue light glasses as part of our B2B services for groups, organizations and companies that will directly help minimize down time.

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